Global Launch of “The Voice of Elegance”

EDUARDO ALEJANDRO, “The Voice of Elegance” features UNDO LOVE, first single from his album titled “Open Your Doors To Love” which was recorded at the Capitol Records studio in Hollywood, California under the supervision of Edgar Cortazar. He is the producer and composer for Luis Miguel, Demi Lovato, Cristian Castro, Il Volo, Ricardo Montaner, Ariana Grande, Pedro Fernández and Olga Tanon among many other international stars.

EDUARDO ALEJANDRO promises to conquer the hearts of all Spanish-speaking audience with songs of love and heartbreak that touch the heart.

UNDO LOVE is an everyday story that many couples live due to routine and EDUARDO ALEJANDRO dresses and sings this reality, interpreting it with unmatched feeling from the depths of his soul.

UNDO LOVE, created by Edgar Cortazar and Ernesto Cortazar, winning composers Grammy and Latin Grammy cover of romance and longing airwaves all Spanish-speaking territories to turn EDUARDO ALEJANDRO, “The Voice of Elegance” in the interpreter who today lack in contemporary music.

EDUARDO ALEJANDRO, “The Voice of Elegance”, invites you to listen to UNDO THE LOVE for you to be part of this return of good music and lyrics that will remain in your heart forever …